Evolve the Coach!

We all know and we might have listened and discussed about it like a million times, that the current education structure should get better and new more interesting ways of teaching should come in the real life picture.

We all read every now and then about someone opting a unique way of training kids, like someone making students develop actual solar products to train them concepts of solar energy. Someone teaching students to develop an actual robot to teach them the subjects of robotics. Similarly, there are a lot of other examples of teachers like this. We always appreciate what these teachers are doing. We see them on media/social media we instantly hit like and probably share the stories.

It is time that we do a little more than that. It is time that the normal teaching or coaching evolve as it should. We are no expert in how to do it neither maximums of us are. But it is our shear responsibility to raise this subject in all appropriate forums so that a constructive discussion is done on this critical topic.

Schools/Universities/institutions have the autonomy on how to train their students, yet only some of the institutions have come out of their comfort zone and have created innovative ways to train our future leaders.

We have always been taught that the mighty pen shall always be more powerful than sword. In order to become world leaders, we need to train our children like future leaders. We invite you to be a part of the community that will in its capacity try to make the change. Become the part of our cotton community.

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  1. absolutely true

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