Be a Cotton Hand!

A mentor!

A guide!

A lifelong Friend!

This is all a child might see from his ambitious eyes in a cotton hand. Cotton hands Foundation will build that community for that child and thousands and lakhs of them.

Everybody believes that the right foundation of education can change the life of student and his upcoming generation. If one child with lesser opportunities because of the numerous social & geographical factors grows up to do some meaningful work and closes near to his goals. He can be a cotton hands of hundreds of students in his society. The biggest evolution of the society will happen with the smallest change, 1 child at a time.

If we all pledge to be a cotton hand to just one child, one ambitious child.  The demographics will change, the boundaries drawn because of socio economic status will change. Geographies will not matter and the society shall evolve where everyone will have access to choose his own path.

The amount would not last but a donation of your precious time will bring the change. We always praise the people who do something for the society. Why not be the person.

Be a Cotton Hand

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Be a Cotton Hand!

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